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Dust & Cobwebs disturbed

So…. perhaps I’m back. Perhaps.  Quick things of one type or another are all I’m capable of producing.

Lately, I have

-Switched jobs. Or really switched fields. No longer a secretary, I now teach reading and Latin in a public charter school. It’s just as unusual as it sounds. And it’s like having my first year teaching all over again (I taught for 6 years 5 years ago.) So, not going well and prayers are appreciated.

-Moved. Within my neighborhood. To my *very own* place.  My shared situation got uncomfortable and really wasn’t suited to a teacher’s schedule. The only thing I will miss is my garden. So much time, and effort, and money, and good memories digging bamboo with my sister that I’ve walked away from. 

This brief return to blogging is brought to you by procrastination and deadlines for lesson plans and grades (tomorrow a.m.)