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Friday, 13 January, 2012 Quick Takes Again, So Soon!?

Friday Quick Takes – Muddling Through

1.  It’s Friday and I’m tired, but goll darn it, I’m going to do Quick Takes.

2. Progress report:

The Christmas tree is still up in my house. This does not faze me at all, since in my ancestral home the Christmas tree is up until February. However, I suspect my housemates have different tolerances. Taking it down is a project for this long weekend. A project not without reward, though, as I have followed the long-standing family tradition of concealing a few candy canes deep in the branches to find while taking the tree down.

New Year’s Resolutions: Today I paid off the balance on my narsty, narsty credit card.  Not quite ready to close it yet, but my balance is $0!

The garden continues to be neglected. It’s cold. I’m tired. What can I say?

3. Art of the Day:

I think I like this Escher fellow.

4. Jen asks (it’s her birthday and our gracious hostess gives us one Quick Take for free! Sweet!) : “If you are younger than 35, tell me about what you want your life to be like when you’re my age.”

Boy, this blogging thing means telling all. I am younger than 35, but not by a whole lot, therefore I think it’s unrealistic to expect any drastic changes.

There are the big things: I would like to be in a different job. I would like to be married. I would like these major developments, but the likelihood of either occurring in the time remaining is close to nil.

More realistically, I would like to be in good health, have a good relationship with God and have a very nice garden.

5. #4 wasn’t much of an answer but, I find it helpful to keep my expectations low.

6. While we have yet to get much in the way of snow here in DC, it is winter and I’m craving color, so here:

Genuine California poppies in summer

7.  Just an off the cuff about feeling rich vs. poor:  I’ve worked in two completely different fields over the last ten years, but for about four of those years my income has been very nearly exactly same. However, I feel poorer (mostly because I’ve had to struggle to pay basic expenses) living in DC than I did living in CA. As I was calculating whether throwing the larger portion of my paycheck at my credit card was really a prudent move this morning, I realized that while my salary is nearly exactly what it was in CA, I actually take home $250 less per month than I did there.  Hark, residents of the Golden State: there is somewhere with a higher cost of living even that the Bay Area.

Aaaand, I’m done. Go to Conversion Diary for more (and better) Quick Takes!

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