Garden To Do’s

Here’s what I’m working on in the garden at any given time.

To Do List – February/March 2013

  • Finish clearing pots already
  • Cut back All The Weeds
  • Weed All The Weeds
  • Fix path
  • Take pics of bulbs
  • Weed All The Weeds
  • Remulch around bluebells on side of house
  • Reprune profligate azaleas (more like March)
  • Clear ivy crowding snowdrops on of upper level in front of garage
  • Glass panes on garage windows? How to fix?
  • Prune All The Camelias
  • Start seeds, but not kale ’cause I didn’t order it in time 😦

To Do List – December 2012/January 2013

  • Move plants inside
  • Finish clearing pots
  • Plant bulbs?
  • Stay warm & hibernate

To Do List – October/November 2012

  • Clear expired pots
  • Weed moss
  • Find a good spot and plant. the. tulip. bulbs. already
  • Finish cutting back bamboo
  • Dig bamboo where necessary
  • Weed moss
  • Clear leaves off moss
  • Weed moss
  • Wait for spring

To Do List – August/September 2012

  • Weed, weed, weed
  • Stake tomatoes
  • Cut zinnias frequently
  • Weed
  • Harvest tomatoes
  • Start kale (?)

To Do List – June 2012

  • buy/acquire/craigslist: stepping stones for path, mulch for path (mulch worked much better mulch did not survive the winter)
  • clear beds
  • plant bleeding heart
  • clear vines off fence
  • mark off beds
  • buy/acquire: begonias, calla lilies (?), another bleeding heart, nasturtium starts, 3 other flowers, creeping thyme and plant them
  • wine bottle torches (?)

To Do List – February/March 2012

  • weed herb bed
  • mulch everywhere
  • trim azaleas out front/trim anything else that’s overgrown
  • clean up dead leaves – everywhere
  • clear out fallen tree parts from back patch
  • clip back ivy
  • start digging out bamboo :p/clearing back patch
  • buy hose and siphon standing water out of old trash can in herb patch. Relocate and use for compost.
  • repaint back porch railing
  • wash both porches (front & back) and move table & chairs to back porch
  • start seeds!!!
  • plant rudbeckia (re-gift from housemate – awesome!

To Do List – October/November 2011

  • buy 3 2 chrysanthemums: 2 white, 1 rust (? yellow?)  These I will plant in the ground in the spring.
  • clip back the dratted ivy
  • clear out the zinnia pots
  • eat the last of the basil and clear its pot
  • clear off the back porch
  • late November: plant tulip bulbs in a container


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