Complete Plant List

All the plants around my house (!)

Front yard

Struggling lawn

2 out-of-control azaleas

an iris or two (spring – summer)

tulips which have never bloomed (overshadowed by the azaleas – spring only)

Crocuses (spring only)

a peony (also overshadowed by the azaleas – spring-summer)


Along the side of the house

3 less out-of-control azaleas

unidentified bulbs (spring – fall)

a climbing rose

bluebells (spring only)


Back yard – Herb patch/sun bed

Alyssum (added 2012 – probably won’t last the winter)



Onion (onion chives?)


A struggling little bleeding heart (spring only – and I plan to move it)

Lemonbalm (in a pot, but it’s permanent)

Marigolds (annual 2012)

Zinnias (annual 2012)

Basil (annual 2012)

Sad parsley (annual 2012)

Crocuses (spring only)

Daffodils (spring only)

Bluebells (spring only)


Small elevated portion of back yard in front of garage

2 out-of-control camillias

2 “volunteer” trees (must prune – one oak, one elm)


bluebells (spring only)

Snowdrops (spring only)

Daffodils (spring only, non-blooming for 2012)


Pathway behind garage (current potted plants)

My veteran pink geranium (almost 5 years old, has survived a move)

Zinnias (annual)

(Thriving!) Italian parsley



Back yard

two small rose bushes

A cyclamen (may be annual)

Vinca minor

Bleeding hearts (spring only)


Peppermint (in a pot, but it’s permanent)

Small running bamboo

Begonias (annual 2012)

Indoor fern (in a pot, but I intend it to be permanent)

Zinnias (annual 2012)

Unidentified bottlebrush-y flower (annual 2012)

Floss flower (ageratum) (annual 2012)

Tomatoes (summer 2012)

Unidentified pepper (summer 2012)

Four o’clocks (in pot – annual 2012)

Nasturtiums (annual 2012)

Cana lilies (in pot – annual 2012)

Unknown succulent (in pot, but I intend to propagate it and keep it going)

Snowdrops (spring-only)

Daffodils (spring only)

Bluebells (spring only)

Unidentified bulb things (spring only)



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