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Snips and Snails

Merry Christmas to any and all who stumble across this!

I celebrated rather reluctantly, tired out from school, anything involving effort has seemed unappealing.

It’s the first Christmas in this apartment – not my first apartment of my own – but the first one in about three years.┬áThus, I am of a mind to appreciate solo living.

Things I can do in my own place:

-vacuum off the kitchen countertops. Why would you do _that_, you ask? Brownie crumbs; laziness. But no one can say anything to me about it.

-take a shower ANY time!

-buy cereal (really!) In my last place food storage was scarce and poorly distributed. I didn’t have anywhere large enough to store a cereal box if I bought some.

-cook freezer meals – making my teaching life possible!

-have full control of the decor. A pretty place is a happy place :).

And many, many more.