Friday, 9 November, 2012 Blogiversary Takes

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Blogiversary Mishmash Quick Takes

1. Not the most diligent of bloggers, yet I’ve made it a full year at this blog. I feel as though I’m still just getting started.

2. I don’t really have a favorite post, so here’s the opinion post I feel most strongly about. (Not hard to pick ’cause I think I’ve done two opinion posts ever and the other one was on clothes.)

3. Least exciting stat: my most viewed post is: The last time I did Quick Takes

4. Last week I got tired of the look of my blog, so I changed it a bit.

5.The election. Ugh. Not the outcome I was hoping for in the presidential race. I don’t feel apocalyptic about it, but more like this from More Like Mary More Like Me (via Bonnie Engstrom)

“Am I even strong enough to be a martyr myself? Maybe not to death, but to jail? Or to joblessness? What will I be asked to sacrifice for my faith? And I’m sure some will read this and think I’m being melodramatic and that it can’t possibly come to that. I hope you’re right. But I believe you’re wrong. It’s already happening.”

Exactly. I do not feel ready for the marginalization of Catholics that is arriving slowly, creeping along. I guess I need to pray.

6. I had a placeholder for a garden Take here. I’ve got nothing. The poor garden is so so neglected lately.

7. And now for something completely different: this made me laugh (via a procrastinating-schoolwork-sibling on facebook):

UPDATE: Aaack – I forgot to link up. More Quick Takes at Jen’s.


One thought on “Friday, 9 November, 2012 Blogiversary Takes

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