Friday, 24 August, 2012 7 Quick Links

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7 Quick Links

… to things I read and enjoyed on the internets this week:

1. Egregious Twaddle on confession – a subject which I think could use more “blog-time” partly because almost everyone has had a troubling experience in the confessional and solidarity with one’s fellow Catholics is a balm and partly because many of us (myself included) were never well-catechized on this sacrament.

2. Betty Duffy on bikinis – a sane take in the midst of the perpetual modesty debate. My own mother came from one of those cultures where two-piece swimsuits were the norm, (Brazil and Hawai’i) and came back from one of her trips to Oahu when I was an early teenager bearing (cute) bikinis for all her daughters at the time. She was sadly disappointed and slightly hurt (just like she was sadly disappointed when we wouldn’t eat papaya, or guava, or any of the other tropical fruits she scrounged from CA supermarkets) when all but the very youngest refused to wear them. Now I’m kind of sorry I didn’t wear that suit while I could still pull it off.

3. The Jerk reviews Red Dawn (I confess I have not seen it – but now I have to!)

4. (more) Simcha Fisher at the Register on misplaced zeal

5. Barefoot and Pregnant on… child antics – no commentary can add a thing to this post; it simply has to be read

6. 10 Hard Truths for Kids by Matt Archbold – true dat

7. I am appalled at how difficult it’s been to come up with 7 full length articles from one week! I waste at least 2 hours a day on the internets, what do I have to show for it??! Oh, yes, Pinterest.

Some people have actually put up 7 Quick Takes here.


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