Friday, 17 August, 2012 Quick Takes

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7 5 Quick Takes Links


1. I don’t have much to say this week, so:

Here are some links to other people saying things. Or doing things. Or pictures. Or links to things that entertain me.

2. Things that entertain me: This is awesome.

3. Other people saying things/Pictures: My sister sent me this.

(Just for the record: I am all for fiscal responsibility and if I had paid a little more attention, I might even be able to agree/disagree with the Ryan budget. But I didn’t. So I don’t know. However, I think he’s rather attractive and wonder if he has brothers. Liking Ayn Rand is lame, though, even in one’s youth.)

4. Pictures: I saw it on Pinterest. Makes me laugh every time.

5. Other people saying things: I admit it; I liked Labyrinth as a ten-year-old. I know better than to try and re-watch it. I looove this blog.

6. Pictures: Where I would rather be:

Be still my heart!

(Mt. Diablo in the spring. )

7.  All. out. of. thoughts. Bye!


Actual Quick Takes to be found at Conversion Diary





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