Friday, 27 July 7, 2012 7 Questions About Spiritual Direction

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1. I’m still hoping, one of these Quick Takes, to do a big back yard/garden reveal, but in the meantime, the end stages are dragging on and I’m still not ready to do so. (Teaser: right now I am working on moss, wine bottle tiki torches, and a rain barrel.) Meanwhile, I have a bunch of questions for the internet that I am a little to shy to ask in real life about spiritual direction. I’m feeling it’s something I ought to look into, but I have no clue where to begin!

2. If you have a spiritual director, where and how did you first look for him/her?

3. Did you look specifically for priests or religious?

4. Was your spiritual director known to you in another capacity or did you just make an appointment?

5. Would you recommend choosing a spiritual director of your same sex?

6. Does one need to reveal all the details of one’s life in spiritual direction?

(Explanation: Huuuge introvert over here, slow to open up to people, etc. Obviously, I’m prepared to discuss anything that I feel is an obstacle to my spiritual progress, but am always leery about deep discussions of myself with relative strangers.)

7. Have you found spiritual direction to be fruitful?


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