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Friday, 27 July 7, 2012 7 Questions About Spiritual Direction

1. I’m still hoping, one of these Quick Takes, to do a big back yard/garden reveal, but in the meantime, the end stages are dragging on and I’m still not ready to do so. (Teaser: right now I am working on moss, wine bottle tiki torches, and a rain barrel.) Meanwhile, I have a bunch of questions for the internet that I am a little to shy to ask in real life about spiritual direction. I’m feeling it’s something I ought to look into, but I have no clue where to begin!

2. If you have a spiritual director, where and how did you first look for him/her?

3. Did you look specifically for priests or religious?

4. Was your spiritual director known to you in another capacity or did you just make an appointment?

5. Would you recommend choosing a spiritual director of your same sex?

6. Does one need to reveal all the details of one’s life in spiritual direction?

(Explanation: Huuuge introvert over here, slow to open up to people, etc. Obviously, I’m prepared to discuss anything that I feel is an obstacle to my spiritual progress, but am always leery about deep discussions of myself with relative strangers.)

7. Have you found spiritual direction to be fruitful?


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Friday, 13 July, 2012 After a long break – Quick Takes!

1. Sooo… life got busy back in March/April and there was no blogging all the way through May. In June, I thought “well, I took a break for the Easter season, so now I can come back.” Immediately thereupon, I managed to moderately injure myself, and (unrelatedly) need an emergency root canal.  Oh, yes, and some bright spot stole the seat off my bicycle. None of these incidents were so terrible, but they were just enough of an obstacle to normal obligations that day-to-day life became all-consuming and blogging wasn’t going to happen. Here’s hoping that doing Quick Takes does not precipitate another crisis!

2.  The garden – the saga – the drama! Also in June, despite my injury I cleared out (with much help from my sister) the very back of my backyard. I laid a path! I bought plants – the equivalent of a whole year’s buying in one dangerous-feeling fell swoop at the local garden center.  I started taking “after” pictures… and then…

3. Two storms a week apart, the second of which was the now-famous DC derecho. Actually, the derecho didn’t cause any garden trouble. That was because the first storm (a “micro-burst” – I never heard of any of these things before moving here) took out about half the mulberry tree in the very back. It dropped four major limbs, damaging the fence and roof of the garage and putting a halt to the backyard gardening.

I tried to take pictures with my iPod, (didn’t dare try to take the nice camera back there) but I couldn’t get all the limbs in perspective. A slice of the carnage.

4.  On the better-than-silver lining side, after the derecho, while my house had electricity (and A/C, thanks be to God), my work lost power for 3 days. Two free days and the Fourth of July. It was bliss. I re-caulked the bathtub. And I did this:


The color of the cushions got washed out  – it’s really that bright peach you can see in the basket next to the chair in the “after” picture.



No sewing machine, thankyouverymuch, all hand stitching!

5. And this

Ribbon earring holder

of which I am inordinately proud.

If you want to do it yourself, all I did was stick one of those velcro-like 3.M Co.mmand picture hanging strips on each end of the shelf rail, long-wise (i.e. perpendicular to the floor) and then stick one strip on each end of a strip of grossgrain ribbon (where I was already storing earrings)  parallel to the floor (to allow for greater adjustments to the position and tension of the ribbon) and then hang the ribbon up! The ribbon works especially well as my earring are all clip-ons, but if you have pierced ears, I would think using a more open weave, or mesh-like ribbon would work, too.

6. And I visited the National Gallery of Art (which everyone should visit if/when they come to DC). I don’t think I’ve set foot in it since the very early days of my stay here, so it was lovely.

7. Most of the garden is still not “after” picture ready (next week!!?) This is about all that is:

Basil, tomatoes, flowers.

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