Friday, 23 March 2012, Placeholder Quick Takes

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1. There’s not much to these QTs. I’m just trying to not totally lose the thread of blogging – it’s been a long week, but none of it is blogable.

2. Please, if you read this and are moved to do so, pray for a special intention for a dear friend of mine.

3. Blogable – one “g” or two?

4. That first set of unidentified bulbs have revealed themselves to actually be bluebells. Sorry no pics.  I still don’t know what this other set is.

5. This week marks total derailment from Lent for me- it was kind of unavoidable. However, as much of this Lent as I’ve observed has been very fruitful. I hope to re-focus myself this weekend. Also, how is Easter only two weeks away?

6. Positives: a) It is supposed to hit 80 degrees today and has been muggy as all get out most of this week (welcome to DC), but I have a fabulous new linen dress. b) I am in love with my bicycle. Owning it is making my life manageable.

7. … And I’m out of words. God is good. Please pray for my friend. See you next week, I hope.

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