Tuesday, 24 January 2012 Snowy Takes

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Middle of the week “takes” because I just didn’t get it together on Friday.

This past weekend it finally snowed here. After 6 weeks of yo-yo weather- cold and dry, warm and rainy, cold and rainy, by turns- we got a very little snow. Therefore, I had to rush around with the iToy and document it.

1.  At my house we neglected to do the final lawn mow before the snow.

Snowy grass

2. I took most of these pictures on Sunday, ‘though the snow/ice arrived Friday night.

Icicles on the azaleas

3. Snow on the blooming camellias

4. Too bad the camera on the iToy can’t zoom.

Snow on the dome of the Shrine

5. The iToy camera still impresses, even without zoom.

A better shot of the Shrine

Kudos to everyone who came out for the March for Life and stood out in this weather for hours!

6. Obligatory winter scene

7. On winter days, it is nice to admire the snow from inside.

The view from my window. Hoping those street signs are illegible.


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