Monday, 9 January, 2012 Late Quick Takes

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*(Favorite Christmas ornaments)

Wooden star - Czech Republic

1. Well, here I am sneaking in just under the wire. Held up by needing to upload photos*, these Quick Takes are late, late, late. Merry and Blessed last day of Christmas Baptism of the Lord to one and all!  I’m a bit wiped out in the wake of The Christmas Season and the descent of the siblings, but am back at the helm of the blog now.  In fact, life-in-general continues to whomp me (lately with added Feast-Day Power®!) I look forward to the lack of holidays between now and Lent.

Christmas cracker ornament

2. This blog is meant to be a positive space, and I intend to keep it so. But, well, what with life, whomping, etc, I could use some prayers. If you read this, would you say a little prayer for me? Thanks!


Blue bulb from the drugstore

3. My mother gave a me a Kindle for Christmas.  I’m not ungrateful, but am not used to being this gadget-ridden. I really don’t know what to do with it. Thus far I have a) regarded it with deep suspicion and b) turned it on.

Straw star - Czech Republic

4. For whatever reason I’ve  never really done much in the way of New Year’s Resolutions. I can’t find or remember any from last year, so I’m thinking I didn’t make any. This year I have, but most are not for public consumption. However, I will share my newly-minted method for making resolutions, ’cause I’m proud of it.

Just as I was about to write down “get up earlier than 7:00 am every day during 2012,”  it occurred to me that this right here is what people mean when they say “setting yourself up for failure.” Getting up before 7:00 am everyday (for me) is contingent on having a normal energy level. Normal energy (for me) is contingent on not having some lingering health troubles that have dragged me down for the past year. Health troubles that are beyond my control. Or anyone’s.

I backtracked right there and decided that the first rule of resolutions is that they are actually accomplishable, by me, in this world (not a perfect world.) I ended up making resolutions by thinking of areas of my life that could use a little improvement or oomph and picking one, reasonably-sized, doable thing to do/habit to acquire for each area.

Gift from a teacher friend

5. Since I’m not sharing my resolutions, I’ll share the areas of life they pertain to: prayer, work/job, use of time, and  finances (ok, I’ll share this one- it’s an easy one, anyway: pay off  my nasty high-interest credit card and close it.)

Candy cane painted by a friend

6. Nothing further on my garden list has gotten done. The garden is so. neglected.




7. Picture du jour:

When you decorate the tree on Christmas Eve this is how fast you have to go:

Christmas tree whirl

Neighborhood pride

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