Friday, 2 December, 2011 Scattered Quick Takes


Scattered Quick Takes Friday

1. I had kind of hoped to do a follow-up post on the New Roman Missal, but I still haven’t experienced the full translation.  This week has been just a little crazy.

2. This is all the follow-up I’ve got: In this area, there’s a tradition at the Latin Novus Ordo to (inexplicably, IMO) say the little dialogue before the Gospel reading in English (although we literally say every other response, even the minor ones, in Latin.) So, on Sunday, we got to that point in the Mass and the priest said, “the Lord be with you” and every single one of us, without missing a beat said…. “and also with you.” D’oh. As that is literally the only dialogue we say in English, we blew our only chance. Me included. I think we’re going to need some persistent reminders, but I would lobby that we just say that dialogue in Latin too. That’s what we did in California.

3. I had a good Thanksgiving and hope you all did too. Running the 5k the morning of was actually one of my favorite parts of the day – I struggled, but still managed to whittle a few seconds off my previous 5k time. However:

4. My sister, the fourth of my six siblings, arrived at the race late. She got to the start line after the gun went off, and started the race at least 5 minutes behind everybody. She beat every single member of my family running the race, including all those that started before her. That would be 4 siblings and 2 significant others, guys and girls. She should run more races. But I think I hate her. (She told me, “I made sure you didn’t see me when I passed you.”)

5. I really have to do one more plug for Pray More Novenas.  I’m repeating myself, but novenas have never been a particular devotion of mine. However, the email reminders make praying them so easy, that I am praying my third novena since October and I’m finding that novenas are what I need at this point in time. The Immaculate Conception novena is in full swing right now: do join it, if you feel moved to do so.

6. Picture of the week:

Light frost this morning

It’s getting colder here.

7. Which means I really need to finish my fall garden to do list before the ground starts freezing. Gardening creates a strange a mind-set. I was raking up leaves for leaf collection weekend, and caught myself thinking, “why am I letting the city take all these good useful leaves?!” (That item “clear off the back porch” on my list has gotten a bit more necessary because of that mind set, since it has become the temporary home for my useful biological matter pile. I think I am in danger of straining my housemates’ tolerance.)

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