Wednesday, 30 November, 2011 Clothesday

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I was thinking about participating in “What I Wore Wednesday” this week, partly because I am uninspired in the clothing department lately and can feel myself slipping back into the habit of wearing the same 3 outfits day in and day out that pass my “warm enough” test for this time of year.  But I didn’t get my act together enough to take decent photos, so I’m not linking up.

Here’s the picture I did take.

Wednesday, Clothesday

Are high heels Colleen Hammond-approved, I wonder? Or would they be considered immodest by the sola-skirtura crowd?

Hard to tell from the picture, but I am wearing:

Sweater – Ban.ana Rep.ublic, hand-me-down from a friend

Skirt – ?? bought at a discount store

Shirt – non-descript knit in a tshirt shape Ol.d Na.vy with a cloth rose hair clip from H.&M dressing it up

I woke up with uncontrollable hair and unhappy skin, so I tried to de-frump with rather high heels (cheap patent leather, Pay.less)

(*Errrm that blue thing in the picture is new.  Not a smart phone, I am not that tech-y. That is a schmancy i.Po.d courtesy of the same camera-giving brother. I now feel like I am the idle rich.)

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