Friday 18 November, 2011 Quick Takes

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Flying Time Quick Takes

1. Ack! Ack!  How is it Friday again, already?? I lost an entire week in a miasma of menthol vapor and Day.quil!

2. I spent quite a few years teaching elementary school, and the year before I left I had the following exchange with a fourth grade girl. (So dramatic, fourth grade girls.)

“Miss P! Miss P!”


“It’s already the spelling bee!” [Which always took place the month before the school year ended.]

“And it seems like yesterday was the first quarter.”

[Dramatic pause]

“I think that time is speeding up!”

Better get some protective gear for when you hit the double digits kid, ’cause if you feel this way at age 9…

3. Speaking of speeding time, November seems to have disappeared in a blur. Yesterday at work, (my place of work is Catholic) I saw that the frame for the Advent wreath had been pulled out of the closet. I really like Advent, but I am just not ready yet. Not ready yet. At all. Can’t we put it away and wait an extra week?

4. Digression: I have always really loved Advent and especially Advent wreaths, but more so in the past few years. Because I’ve lived alone, it’s never really seemed practical to get a Christmas tree. Trees are expensive and I’ve been living the life of a car-free urbanite, so buying a tree begs the question of how to get it home. Buying a wreath of fresh greens for my Advent wreath has taken the “go Christmas tree shopping” spot in the Advent and Christmas season for me (and it’s a lot easier to carry a wreath on the train!) And last year, I even got myself a hanging a wreath holder.  (Which was exciting, but maybe more of a fire hazard than I anticipated.) This year, because I have housemates, I’m not sure how the Advent wreath thing is going to work out.

5. Because I don’t really have a picture for this week, here is the hanging Advent wreath.

Looking a little sad, but this was taken at Epiphany.

6. Back to time, speed, etc.: Not only has November blown by, but this whole year has proceeded too quickly for my taste. I am about to be a full year older. I am not happy about that.

7. Lastly, in what must have been a moment of neural malfunction, various members of my family (including myself) not only agreed to get together for Thanksgiving, but to add to the simmering sibling rivalry by running in a local Turkey Trot. So, I will be running a 5k on Thanksgiving. Not speedily.  At this moment, running around the block seems barely possible. However, I have run a 5k before and pulled an absolutely abysmal time.  I have nowhere to go but up.

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