Tuesday, 8 November, 2011 Pray More Novenas!

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Well, weird week here. First the blog falls behind for (*mumble) days, and now I’m going to do my first ever plug for another site.

As far as Catholic practice goes (not liturgy, but that’s another story), I’m not really one for what I’d call traditional American popular piety.  Specifically, in this case, I haven’t generally much interest or devotion to praying novenas – apart from before Pentecost.

However, once in a while I have an intention that I feel needs some focused intercessory prayer and then I have attempted to pray this novena or that and very rarely have I finished them; not because nine days is so long, but because I am forgetful.

I think I first saw Pray More Novenas on facebook and I was initially skeptical, but then I thought, “what the hey?!”

I have to say, I love it! I have prayed the novenas to St. Therese of Liseaux and St. Jude thanks to this site.

You sign up using email and you are emailed the prayers for the novena for each day (so nice, no more carrying around eight sheets of battered printer paper) and a reminder to say those prayers.  John-Paul, who runs Pray More Novenas, strikes just the right cheerful, encouraging, and not treacly pious, note in his reminder emails, as well.

There’s also a place on the site to post intentions, pray for others’ intentions, “share”, etc., but  I haven’t used that as much. There are no novenas currently being prayed at the moment, but as Advent approaches, I’m sure another will be started. Highly recommended for novena veterans and newbies alike.

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